Guice Book

December 12, 2007
I'm writing a book on Google Guice, the notorious DI framework created by Bob Lee. I've been active in the Guice community for quite a while now, and I have to say that it's an honor to get the opportunity to write about one of the most innovative Java frameworks out there. Now that it's been published on Amazon, I feel like I've reached the point of no return. The world knows, so I'd damn well better make sure that I deliver some quality. So far I'm having a blast, so perhaps I'm still in Ted's phase two. :-)


On a related note, I enjoyed talking to Bob at Javapolis today. On popular demand he took the advanced route for his Guice talk, which I think was appropriate. Too bad he didn't have enough time to go through the example though. I was pleased to learn that much of what he talked about already made it into the book, in some form. Which must be a good thing, right? Anyway, one more day at Javapolis, and then back to work. :-)

Wish me luck. I'll try to make sure I won't need it. ;-)