Guice, Spring 2.5 and Finding Mistakes Early

March 15, 2008
Yesterday I gave a talk on Guice at the Profict Wintercamp! The goal of the event was to look at how Guice changes the Spring landscape by letting both sides present their framework. From the Guice side there was me (thanks Bob, for not being able to come! ;-)), from the Spring side there was Alef Arendsen.

Surprisingly, there was only one Guice user present! They should have given us an "I went to the Profict Wintercamp and I lived." t-shirt. :-) No seriously, I had a great time and enjoyed talking to other developers and the guys from SpringSource. Let's hope I convinced some people to take a look at Guice!

Right before the talk I had some time to spare, so I quickly threw together a Guice demo application that I then re-implemented using the Spring 2.5 new annotation-driven configuration options. Next, I decided to take a look at how Spring compares with Guice in terms of error detection and error handling. This has always been one of Guice's strengths, but it's also one of those "nice-to-haves". It's like a cell phone. You don't miss it until you have one. All those Spring users don't know what they are missing!

The example code can be found here, and the error handling comparison can be found here. I'll upload the presentation and the packaged source code soon. Enjoy!